St. Albert Leader ReWalk Story

Here is a story by Glenn Cook of the St. Albert Leader. The Leader was the first to do a story on the trip and Glenn did a great job with this one too!!


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Rewalk at the U of A Unveiled

Today we had the opportunity to watch the ReWalk in use. What a thrill to see it in action!


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The ReWalk is Here!!

I’m really excited and proud to say that the University of Alberta has been training some users with the new ReWalk for a couple of months. Now they are ready to present it to the public with a media event on September 16th.
Thanks again to all of you for following me and supporting the cause. With your help we achieved our goal!

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Mission Accomplished

Scott Hayes wrote a nice feature on the trip in today’s St. Albert Gazette

Click the link to read it


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Skelly Comes to the Island

February 25, 2012

Yesterday I walked on the ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver so I could pick up the bike from Air Canada Cargo. After about 15 cm of snow in the lower mainland and the island it warmed up enough for me to risk riding.

The shipment had to clear customs first and I when I went to get my stamp I was informed that it would be another day. I explained my situation and the nice agent managed to get the inspection done immediately. So by 5:15 I was riding to catch a 5:45 ferry back to the island.

It was damn cold I tell you but on the mainland the roads were fine.

By the time I reached Nanaimo it was dark and the temps hovering around zero. There was thick fog on the highway so I had my wife following me with the flashers on to protect my back side. I had 30 km to ride to the place I am storing the bike. When I got there the roads had started freezing.

Yesterday ranks up there as one of those “what the heck am I doing here?” days

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