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Day 49 Chetumal Mexico to San Ignacio Belize

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Skelly’s resting place for the last 10 days

Today was primarily a transit day but with the twist of a border crossing. I had already crossed into Belize from Mexico on foot 10 days earlier but now I had the bike with me. I arrived at the same spot I crossed earlier and very quickly got my Mexico exit stamp without paying any fee. I’m not sure why, but I failed to photograph the Mexican side of the border. Then over to Mexico customs and the banjercito to process my deposit refund. The lady at the counter said she could not cancel my import papers, I had to go elsewhere. I couldn’t understand her, but eventually she drew a map on a napkin and I got the idea. I needed to go to the new border building about 2 km north. Since I was already in the buffer zone between countries I decided to buy my Belize insurance and get the fumigation done. I knew exactly where to go because of my earlier trip through. $14.50USD for 1 week insurance and I think the fumigation cost $2.50USD.


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This was the hottest day of the entire trip with the thermometer topping out at 40 degrees Celsius. By the time I got to the new building I was just dripping with sweat. I found the correct place and when I hopped off the bike standing in front of me was Paul and Asli. Another really random meeting in the middle of Central America. The customs lady came out to both our bikes to take a photo of the VINs and I was done. I waited for them while they went through Mexico customs and we all moved on to Belize. Just before the border buildings on the left side there is a parking lot which has money changers on the other side of a fence. I changed all my remaining pesos to Belizean dollars which left me just enough to transit Belize. Then on to immigration for a quick stamp and a 3 day permit. I clearly stated that I was going to Guatemala via San Ignacio (this is very important as I found out the next day).

The Belizean Border building. Immigration on the right, Customs on the left.

There was some delay with Paul and Asli so I found some shade a few hundred meters away. Not long after Asli came walking towards me but no Paul. He had to go back to Mexico and get a stamp that was missing so we waited for him in the 40 degree heat under a shady tree. He appeared about 30 minutes later and we set out.

Looking back north to the Belize/Mexico border

At Orange Walk we parted ways again and I kept moving.

Purportedly one of the residences of John McAfee (Founder of McAfee Virus scan)

Typical Belize highway

Arriving in San Ignacio at about 4pm, I spent about 30 minutes searching and I found the Aguada Hotel for $38US.

The only problem was they were hosting a Christmas party and had closed the kitchen for the night. Another night of trail mix for dinner but the bar was open so I drank my last Belikin beer.

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