Border Crossing Video

If you wondered what it is like to cross a Central America border, these videos will give you a taste.

Nicaragua to Costa Rica border crossing October 28, 2013

First Nicaragua

Next Costa Rica

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2 Responses to Border Crossing Video

  1. frank says:

    Vewwwwy interwesting… a couple of obvious comments. 1) Great to have the mobility of a MC yes? Get by all those pesky cars, buses, trucks. Turn around here or there, and with the added benefit of a “dirt bike” no problema with puddles or rough patches. 2) Patience is a virtue. don’t get bent, be firm and polite and trust in your judgement.

    I had a few similar experiences biking Europe in 08 and 09. Of course in my case, I didn’t “own” the motorcycle I was riding. In many countries (I bought mine in Hungary) foreigners cannot legally own the vehicle, so in my case, a cousin owned the bike and insured it, then gave me legal permission to ride it. This caused some confusion at places like Albania and Macedonia, and Serbia, where again, polite but firmness and confidence gained through experience won the day. Those trips were 22 countires some of which I visited several times.. Fabulous memories.

    Keep on truckin’ errr I mean bikin’ 🙂

  2. Remi says:

    Way to go Dave, this looks like a real adventure game and quite the puzzle!
    Good thing you are fluent in that language 😉 … keep up the good work!


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