Central America Recap

It has been over a month since I left Central America and crossed the Darien Gap into Colombia. For those of you interested I have kept notes on my expenses through each country and I put them together as a group for the Central American Countries (Mexico excluded). There is a Mexico Recap HERE.

Screenshot 2013-12-28 13.45.24

Other expenses include:
Park Fees
Personal Items/Entertainment/Gifts/Laundry
Border Fees/Visas/Import/Insurance/Fumigation/Scams

I replaced the rear tire in Costa Rica at 12,500km. I had been carrying the tire since Mexico so the cost of the tire is included in the Mexico recap. Also in Costa Rica I replaced the oil and filter when I fixed the oil leak.

The cost of the boat from Panama to Colombia is not included in the total but it was about $1000US.
My Belize expenses are only included for those days on which I was traveling on my motorcycle.

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