Day 100 To the Lake

Day 100 December 1 El Bordo to Laguna La Cocha

Another fantastic day of riding to celebrate Eran’s 39th birthday at around 10,000 feet altitude. Stunning views and excellent roads.

The day ended with a little diversion to an area where Colombian tourists like to go called Laguna La Cocha. We found it to be a really cool place with little launchas taking tourists out to an island on the lake.

Nearby we found a big old hotel where we negotiated the price to 80,000 down from 160,000 pesos including breakfast. In the evening the place was practically abandoned and we were the only guests.

The temperature dropped to below 10 degrees Celsius and it was absolutely quiet. There were no trucks or loud music, no roosters crowing or dogs barking, just silence.

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3 Responses to Day 100 To the Lake

  1. Betty Davies says:

    Wonderful setting!
    You will have many memories to share.

  2. awesome scenery there. I’m sure you enjoyed the change of temperature and the tranquility for a bit!

  3. Sharon says:

    That looks like a really neat spot. I looked it up on line when I saw you were there on your map. Must have been good to have such serenity for a change. Xo Mum

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