Day 104 Cloud Forest

Day 104 Quito to Chugchilan

Sorry Chugchilan is not on Google maps

Today we set out to follow one of the route suggestions from Freedom Bike Rental, the Quilota loop. We opted to take the longer gravel road but first we had to get out of Quito.
The PanAmericana is high speed slab south of Quito so we quickly found our exit to highway 20 and headed west.

At Alluriquin we turned south and began to climb into the clouds.

Most of the afternoon was spent in thick cloud with less than 20 feet visibility. Visors were of no use and we rode at a crawl to keep the water droplets from stinging our eyes.

I’m sure there was beautiful scenery if we could have seen it.

We arrived in Chugchilan to find the Cloud Forest Hostal. A really great place for $15 including dinner and breakfast.

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