Day 105 A Road less Traveled

Day 105 December 6 Chugchilan to Salinas

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Continuing on with the Quilota loop we left the Hostel after breakfast to find the Quilota crater lake. Once there we were dismayed to be told to park the bikes and walk to the crater about 5 minutes away. We pleaded with the man but he wasn’t going to let us ride up to the rim. Then the host from our hostal arrived in his truck and convinced the man to let us go on our bikes. Normally a motorcycle would not be in a picture of the crater but I have seen it so we wanted to do it too.

After this wonderful stop we carried on south. Every turn made my jaw drop in awe of the beautiful scenery. This day would have to be in my top 3 of the trip thus far. I found myself saying in my helmet “you have got to be kidding me” the vistas were just unreal and photos can’t do them justice.

Eventually we came to a fork in the road. The GPS said take the road less travelled but it was REALLY the road less traveled. We decided to give it a try and are glad we did. It turned out not to be a part of the loop we intended to ride and was quite steep and loose in places.

Market day in a small village we passed through

A lot of moon dust created some visibility issues and combined with the cloud we entered a grimy mess was created.

Nonetheless we had a great day and rolled into Salinas at about 4:30

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10 Responses to Day 105 A Road less Traveled

  1. Llama crossing! Truly in a different world.
    I love the market photos, too. Interesting that they all wear fedoras 😀

  2. Brian says:

    awesome pics Dave

  3. Sharon says:

    Great photos Dave. xo

  4. frank says:

    Yeah Dave, the thing about traveling like this is really about your own experience. No matter how you try, the feelings, the depth, the sounds, the color, just don’t translate to anyone’s else brain as they do for you.

  5. I think you might be quite close to my Canadian Friend John Zufelt. He lives in Ecuador. If you want his co-ordinates, let me know!

    • Anonymous says:

      I have news about John Zufelt in Ecuador.

      • Bruce Sinclair says:

        John passed away on 1 Dec. Sorely missed…

        • Tom Havnaer says:

          Yes. I was in Malacatos at the time and had seen and chatted with him just two days before his passing. The previous week he had had chest pains with the pain radiating down his arm, had been checked out at the local medical clinic and their tests didn’t show a problem. My wife (who is a nurse) pleaded with him to go to the closest major hospital (in Loja, about 35 minutes away). John just chalked it all up to stress, said he hadn’t taken a vacation in three years, had been working very hard on his rental property (where my wife and I were renting) and he and his lady companion were planning a trip to the Galapagos islands the day after he died. They held a church funeral service, followed a few days later by a massive celebration of his life and pot luck food for all at the Malacatos rental property (a very nice multiple building area complete with swimming pool, observation area, community kitchen, small outdoor ampitheater, the works). Attended by around 80 people with an outdoor service of friends’ comments, music, etc. Some of his relatives from Canada were also there. I had only met him twice briefly and was impressed. As you say, he will be sorely missed and he had a LOT of friends. If you’d like to chat, I can be reached at 803-324-5046 (South Carolina, USA) or you can email me at I also have some photos I can email if you’d like. The property in Malacatos, by the way, overlooks more of the Andes (absolutely gorgeous) and is 1.5 miles (10 minute car ride) on a dirt road, up the mountain from, and overlooking, Malacatos. Best wishes, Tom Havnaer

  6. Lance says:

    Wow, pretty amazing pictures! Wish I could be there…


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