Day 106 Finally Some Wildlife

Day 106 December 7 Salinas to Alausi

After consulting a lad at the hotel about local roads we set off with the sun shining.

We were to backtrack about 15 minutes up the dirt road we arrived on, then turn east towards the Chimborazo volcano and wildlife refuge. This route took us to over 14,000 feet again but this time the scenery was dramatically different.

It was really cold and we felt as though we had been transported to another planet. The plateau was devoid of trees but covered in short grasses and small bushes. I kept my eyes peeled for wild vicuna and was rewarded before long.

Finally some wild life larger than a rabbit.

After reaching a crossroad we continued on to meet the Pan Americana once again.

By 12:30 we arrived in Alausi and decided to stop for the day so we could do some much needed bike maintenance.

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