Day 108 Into Peru

Day 108 December 9 Pasaje Ecuador to Punta Sal Peru

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Today was another border crossing day. First we had about 70km to ride from Pasaje through vast banana plantations.

The weather seemed to be threatening rain but it turned out to be a really nice day.

Just have to sneak in one more of the crater lake. Panorama shot.

We arrived at the Ecuador Aduana around 11am. This place is actually about 5km before the border but you can’t miss it due to all the activity and orange traffic cones.

The fellow at the counter needed the originals of our passports, driver’s license, registration/title, and the Ecuador import permit. He photographed the VIN, license plate and the bike, then stamped a copy of the permit and returned it to us. We had some great chats with the guards on duty while we waited about 20 minutes for the process.

Then we rode to the big border complex on the Peru side of the border.

There is an identical one on the Ecuador side for folks coming into Ecuador. At the complex we found Ecuador and Peru immigration side by side in the same room so this was simple. There is a short walk to the Peru Aduana an in that building there is an insurance booth at which we paid $33 USD for 1 month insurance. Then we each sat down with a customs agent to get our import paper. All told the whole process took 2 hours. There were no helpers or money changers anywhere and the whole time we left our bikes unattended feeling quite safe about it.

Our first impression of Peru after the great border was Tumbes. Interesting place if you want to feel like you’re riding in India. The smell of garbage was intense and the traffic absolutely crazy. We found a bank machine and got the heck out of town.

100 km later we found a nice little spot near the beach for $15 each. No Internet but that was kind of nice for a change.

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  1. G&H says:

    Dave, we were wondering what kind of trees those are, with the blue blossoms? Your ride down the Pacific coast looks amazing! The scenery really changed once you came down out of the mountains.

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