Day 121 More Rain

Day 121 Ayacucho to Andahuaylas January 3

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I was expecting some gravel today but what I got was more of the same really narrow twisty pavement. It was great!

It rained on and off all day or threatened to rain. At altitude it was really cold and visibility almost zilch in the clouds.
Unfortunately the clouds and rain prevented many photo stops so I just kept on truckin’

On the bright side, I stopped and had my new tires installed for $4.

The shop was really a car tire place but the guy knew what he was doing albeit with tire irons the size of wrecking bars. I cringed more than a few times watching him but it all turned out okay.

The old rear tire with 7,600km on it

The old front with 20,000km. Not bad eh?

New Front

I treated myself to a nice hotel at a top of the budget scale $32. A worthwhile investment for a great bed and an excellent sleep.

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2 Responses to Day 121 More Rain

  1. Sharon says:

    I see on the map that you are in Cusco. Grant told me you arrived in a torrential downpour. I hope the rain clears for your experience in Machu Picchu. It was 40 years ago that Dad and I were there during our honeymoon trip, and it is still on the top of my life experiences list.
    xo Mum

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey Dave.
    Great shots. I love the one where the whole family is changing your tire.
    Four Bucks!!!! Wow.

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