Day 122 Wet Cusco

Day 122 Andahuaylas to Cusco January 4

Although I was up early again I decided to wait for the included breakfast at the Hotel Casa Mansion. By 8:30 I was again on the road. For the first time in awhile I started riding in the rain but it soon cleared and I was riding on glorious new pavement.

I installed my flag decals last night but the tank ones wrinkled badly. I don’t expect they will last long

After about 50km the gravel started and stayed with me for about another 50. This was rough washboard gravel, wet and muddy from the previous night’s rain. I am so glad I put on my new tires because the old ones would have made things difficult.

Quilt like hillsides are everywhere

Most of the day it was raining lightly (big surprise) with the odd cloud burst.I’m sure there was spectacular scenery the whole way however.

Abancay through the clouds. It takes 2 hours to reach the city from this spot

Panorama click for full size image

A closer look at Abancay with some of the road down in view

Upon entering Cusco I was met with the most torrential downpour of the entire trip. The descent into the city was like riding on a red river due to the red dirt all around the city. Even my rain jacket was drenched through by the time I found the Hostal Estrellita.
In the courtyard I found the BMW GS that belongs to Bill, one of my Stahlratte shipmates. He has gone to Machu Pichu today so I missed him. Too bad, Bill is a great bloke.

Tomorrow I am riding to Santa Teresa which is the “back way” to Machu Pichu. It is a 5 hour ride on a treacherous road, then a 2.5 hour hike along railroad tracks to Agua Caliente. This is the adventurous way to do it and saves me over $100 on train fare.

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  1. The country side photos are spectacular! 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely beautiful photos Dave. Wasn’t following your blog for a while due to the passing of my Mother and then Christmas but am now looking forward to reading about your daily adventures. Thanks for all that you are doing.

  3. You are living my dream! Thanks for all the photos and daily blogs!

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