Day 125 Copacabana and Titicaca

Day 125 Cusco to Copacabana Bolivia January 7

The three of us decided we wanted to get to Bolivia today. By doing this 500 km I will have almost caught up the time I spent on my Christmas Break. It meant sacrificing doing a tour to the floating reed islands near Puno but getting to Ushuaia is the top priority for me.

After all this time at altitude I decided to remove my air box cover to see if there would be a noticeable difference. It certainly helps regain some acceleration but top speed is still 120 km/h wide open. We spent much of the day wide open on the very straight roads. Here is the time when more than 34 horsepower would be nice. The sky was grey and the air cold so we just hunkered down and rode until we arrived at the Yunguyo border crossing.

Bathroom stop

First view of Lake Titicaca


Crossing into Bolivia was really easy and we were the only ones at the border. Peru Aduana is on one side of the street where they take your vehicle permit, stamp it and give half of it back to you. Go across the street and have a policeman in the station next to migracion stamp your visitors permit. In migracion the guy puts an exit stamp in your passport and takes your permit. This took about 25 minutes for all three of us.

A guy took the chain across the road down and we rode through the arch to Bolivia.

Park at the gate manned by policemen, and go to migracion on the left side of the street.

Looking back into Peru

Fill out the green form and give it to the official. He’ll stamp your passport and give you the bottom half of the paper. You must keep this for when you exit Bolivia. Get a copy of your passport and vehicle registration and go to aduana next door to migracion. A man in a small office will give you your import permit and your done. It took about 30 minutes to do the Bolivia entry process and cost zero money. Note that there is no fee for Canadians but there is a cost for Americans and maybe for other nationalities as well.

We made the short ride to Copacabana and found a hostel for 60 Bolivianos each which is about $8 including a light breakfast. The time zone changed as we entered Bolivia so now we are on Atlantic time.

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  1. You know I just have to have that song in my head right now. ‘At the Copa…’. lol. Too bad about the floating reed islands but that just means you need to go back and take me with you as this is on my bucket list 😀

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