Day 127 Finally the Real Bolivia

Day 127 Oruro to Potosi January 9

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Now this is more like it. The first 100km were straight but at least no construction.

I figured out that the correct price for gas is 8.75B per litre and that the legit stations give you a receipt with the local total and also a receipt for the difference you paid. It’s still $1.45 a litre but at least I know how it works.

From Challapata to Potosi the road got interesting with twists, turns, and huge numbers of grazing alpacas in the fields.

And Potosi is really cool. There are plenty of hostels near the main plaza which is still decorated for Christmas. Signs of the Dakar are everywhere and the city is excited about it even though it’s 200km from the race route.

Another great thing is I discovered Eran is only one day ahead of me. He is in Uyuni and has found a bed for me at the hostel there, a tough thing to do with the Dakar only 2 days away. So he is waiting there for me and we’ll continue to travel together.

An interesting thing about this altitude is how hot the sun’s rays are despite the air being quite cold. I had two layers on under my jacket today and was barely warm enough even in sunshine. However when I stopped for breaks the heat of the sun felt like it was burning my skin.

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