Day 128 Reunion

Day 128 Potosi to Uyuni January 10

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Today was even better than yesterday. The short 200km ride to Potosi was full of great scenery from red rock canyons to snow capped mountains. There was virtually no cloud in the sky and it was a bit warmer than yesterday.

I forgot to post a photo of my new rear tire, so here it is with 2,000km on it

Look closely and you can see the Salar on the horizon

The town of Uyuni coming into view

When I arrived in Uyuni I could tell there was something big happening. The main plaza was being prepped for Dakar with a huge stage and vendors were setting up tents. All the stores in the town were receiving huge supplies of water, soft drinks and Dakar swag.

I found the Hostel that Eran was at and got the bike parked safely in the courtyard. The price of this dorm room bed yesterday was $8.75, for the next 4 days it’s $30. The same thing has happened with food prices too. It’s a pretty exciting place right now.

Tomorrow I will go on a Tour of the Salar de Uyuni.

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5 Responses to Day 128 Reunion

  1. So glad you guys were able to meet up again! 😀

  2. Sharon says:

    I’m really happy that you and Eran were able to meet again. Enjoy the Dakar.

  3. frank says:

    What an exciting time to be there! I’ve been to Baja many times during the Mille/1000 and the entire atmosphere changes! Are those llamas/al pacas free range and wild or do you think they are domesticated farm animals?

    • Dave says:

      They all have ribbons on their ears. I guess it’s like a brand. Mixed in with thes Llamas and Alpacas are Vicuna which are wild.

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