Day 138 Back to Real Riding

Day 138 San Juan to Uspallata January 20

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I didn’t like the feel of San Juan and was glad to get going today

The plan was to get to Uspallata today which is on Ruta 7 on the way to Chile. The first 150km was pretty much the same as the past few days, flat and a little boring.

Got in trouble for stopping here near a police check point but had to see this truck

Big beetle

After Mendoza however the next 100km was wonderful. We had been feeling like we were riding just to “get there” but not today. The feeling of riding just to be riding had returned! Each turn blends into the next and you feel in the moment at one with the machine. The clarity of sights, sounds and smells is part of the motorcycle experience and we started to get some of that variety back today.

Uspallata didn’t seem too remarkable but was nice enough. We had a little difficulty finding a place to stay until Eran turned into the Gran Hotel Uspallata, a property I knew was out of the budget but I followed anyway. Just a few meters beyond the fancy hotel was the Gran Hostal Uspallata for $16 each.

Our little buddy at the hostal

After getting settled we walked into town and found some dinner and discussed the $3 dollar Coke we bought at the hotel.

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6 Responses to Day 138 Back to Real Riding

  1. John Whidden says:

    I don’t want to ask but… what is the end date of this great adventure? Are you mentally preparing for it?

    • Dave says:

      Hoping to be in Ushuaia by Feb 15 and in Buenos Aires by Feb 21. Home by March 1
      I have to start thinking about it in order to make my arrangements. So far no depression!!

  2. Lance H says:

    Dave, the way to beat the depression is to plan the next adventure. Now about repeating this in Europe? Severodvinsk, Russia to Cape Town, maybe? And yes, your wife will probably mail me a pipe bomb for making that suggestion. ;-))))

    I follow your adventures every day and have showed many people the site. Keep going, and good luck!

    Lance H.

    • Dave says:

      Thanks for the interest Lance, it’s good to hear from you!
      The next trip will be Alaska again. I still need to get to Prudoe Bay

  3. Lance H says:

    Geez, I just reread my comment – I “have showed” them. Yikes! I thought I’d received an English degree back in the Paleolithic era.

    I miss my bike – you’re making me regret my choice of a midlife crisis vehicle. Mine gets better gas mileage, but goes way slower. ;-). (It’s a 30′ sailboat – I took Grant out when he visited last summer).

    So, you arrive at the southern tip of South America, pet a penguin, then how far north do you have to ride to go home?

    • Dave says:

      Ushuaia to Buenos Aires is about 3100km. That is the terminus of the trip.
      I remember the Honda you had with the windjammer.

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