Day 149 Into the Wild

Day 149 Cochrane to Gobernador Gregores January 31

Wow, another great day today.

The 15km return leg from Cochrane to the turn was pretty darn nice in the morning sunshine.

After riding about 80km east on ruta X83 we encountered the Chile border outpost.

An outpost it was indeed. We felt as remote as we could possibly be out here. The wildlife was abundant in this area. We saw plenty of guanaco, a few foxes and some very shy flightless birds called Rhea.

We were quite happy to reach pavement after 220km and decided to find a place to stop for the night.

As it turned out the next place with any accomodation was Gobernador Gregores another 200km away.

We found the municipal hostal and got a room for about $20 each.

Old wagons here all have giant wheels

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3 Responses to Day 149 Into the Wild

  1. maroon64Dave says:

    What beautiful Country! Thanks for the ride!

  2. John says:

    Love that Ranson photographer in you. 🙂

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