Day 158 to 159 U Turn!

Day 158 Ushuaia to Rio Grande February 9

Well I guess I have to turn north sometime, especially since I’m at the end of the road.

I really enjoyed my short time in Ushuaia where I met a whole bunch of moto travelers. I had a nice reunion with Trevor who was on the Stahlratte with me way back in November. He had briefly been traveling with a few fellows from Malaysia on F800 BMWs who had great stories to tell. I also met Bart and Renata from Holland who had met Eran earlier in Peru. And finally got to meet Dan and Sara of All of us had dinner together on Saturday night which was great fun.

The ride to Rio Grande is only 210km so we started late today. It was four of us on this leg, me, Eran, Bart and Renata.

The sun shone all day for an excellent few hours of riding.

We stopped at the bakery again and picked up some more delicious empanadas for snacks later. As we pulled in we saw Dan and Sara on their way out. At the time I didn’t expect to see them again.

Some dirt from the southbound leg

When we reached Rio Grande we found the same hospadaje from the other night.

An Israeli made aircraft that participated in the Falklands scuffle. It looks as if this is one of the planes that dropped bombs on the HMS Plymouth. None of the bombs that struck the ship exploded.

We had dinner together and I spouted off about not having a flat tire the whole trip.

Day 159 Rio Grande to Rio Gallegos February 10

Last night marked my last with Eran. From here I would go to Rio Gallegos and Eran would travel with Bart and Renata to Punta Arenas. There is a common 120km we all had to travel but I needed to get started earlier due to the greater distance, two borders and a ferry to catch. By 9am I was moving on my own again. It was damn cold and windy but I had all my layers on and just took my time.

At the first border I saw Dan and Sara just going in to the building. We rode the next 14km to the next border complex. Just when we were about to get going Dan signaled to me that I was going nowhere. The rear tire was quite flat! Without hesitation Dan and Sara removed their helmets and helped me get to work. With their help we made short work of replacing the tube but could not get the bead seated on the stiff Hiedenau tire. I started looking for someone with a compressor. While I was gone Sara had been talking to a woman who said there was a guy with a compresser, he was standing right beside us watching us struggle. It just goes to show, you need to ask if you want help. With the compressor the bead seated in short order and we remounted the tire. I think it was about an hour total but may have been more.

I took off ahead of them because I nneded to make up the lost time. They were also headed to Punta Arenas so their pace was naturally slower. Thanks Dan and Sara ROCKS!

You think it might be windy here? You bet it is.

Back on the ferry crossing the Straight of Magellan again. Rolled right on just as they were leaving.

Day 160 Rio Gallegos to Puerto San Julian February 11

It was an uneventful beautiful cool day today.

I only made one stop in 360km with the wind at my back most of the time. I stopped in the little town of Puerto San Julian at a nice hospedaje on the waterfront.

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2 Responses to Day 158 to 159 U Turn!

  1. Suraiya says:

    Dear Dave! It has been such an amazing journey to witness you make from my armchair. I feel so happy for you, and have each day really, since you began back in August. You have inspired people to dream bigger and to get out there and see the parts of the world that call to them. To have that sense within you that the world is full of wonder, and to have the memories of being in all these different places…well, it is just the true stuff of life. Congratulations on reaching your goal. And enjoy the journey home. We are so thankful for your continued safety, and will look forward, penguin or no penguin, to having you back! (Only to begin another adventure, of sorts :)) Cheers to you!

  2. Curtis and Sharon says:

    Hey Dave

    It has been a blast to watch your journey. you have shared some and seen some beautiful things and met a lot of people in your journey.

    For that we thank you friend.

    Always remember “Life is a journey, not a destination – we determine our destiny by the direction we take.

    Follow your dreams life will be rewarding.Keep in touch my Friend.

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