Day 165 The Last Day of Riding

Day 165 Bahia Blanca to Buenos Aires February 16

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It was to be a very long day today. I had 640km to ride so I got up early and started moving by 8. I took highway 51 North East towards Azul which is a little shorter than Ruta 3.

The road was much the same as the past few days with long straights and a curve here and there.

Wake Up! A curve in the road!

HEY CK, Skelly still wearing pink!

My plan was to just stop in the suburbs but I failed to find a cheap hotel anywhere so continued into the city. After a few futile attempts at finding lodging a nice man asked if he could help me. His Daughter and Son in law helped me find the Palermo area which is the hotspot for hotels, hostels, and places to eat.

Well there were plenty of those things but they were all full. By the time I found the Palermo Hotel it was dusk and I was a very tired rider. The hotel cost 275 pesos and the parking was 100 pesos for 12 hours. I had to leave before 8am the next day or would be charged the 24 hour rate.

In the room the phone rang and the front desk girl tried to tell me something. I didn’t understand so I started down to the lobby. She intercepted me with my GPS in her hand. Wow, I didn’t even realize it was missing because it had dropped out of my helmet when I picked it up from a chair in the lobby. Thank you!

The next morning I got up early and rode to Dakar Motos about half an hour away.

I waited in the beautiful morning sunshine for Javier and Sandra to come and open up the shop. We immediately got down to business and Sandra gave me all the details of the shipping process. I stayed the night in the back of their shop where they have a mini hostel set up. They only charge 100 pesos for a bed and 40 pesos for the bike.

On tuesday I rode to the airport with two fellows who I had met way back in Panama. I had to refresh their memories because the meeting was very brief and helmets didn’t come off so we didn’t know each other’s faces. But I recognized the bikes, One GS1200 from Alaska and one from Holland. The Alaskan bike was being flown to Miami so we rode to the airport together.

Final Mileage

TKC 80 after some 10,000km cupping badly

And The rear Hiedenau K60, down to the wear bars

The instructions from Sandra were great and everything happened the way she said it would. The bike is all wrapped on the pallet and ready to go. I chose not to remove the front wheel which in hindsight was a minor mistake that cost a few bucks but it will be easier to get it set back up in Vancouver.

Sorry no flash allowed

Total cost of shipping $18,843 pesos including the Dakar fee of 1,000. 14,300 of those pesos were exchanged on the Blue market at 10.5 pesos per US dollar and the rest from an ATM at the official rate of 7.7 pesos per US dollar….you do the math.
The next step is to take the train downtown tomorrow and pay the shipper in exchange for the waybill.

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  1. Linda & Roger says:

    Congratulations Dave – it must be bitter sweet to be heading home. After I did the math correctly it made MUCH more sense. At first I couldn’t believe you would spend that much to ship your bike. After I moved the decimal point it sounded much better! Just another Grant girl I guess!
    Love you and happy trip home

  2. Glad you got to Buenos Aires. I think the drivers must be worse there than in Montreal! Bruce and I travelled everywhere by taxi – they drive fast but very well because I didn’t see any accidents; however, I sure held my breath a few times! And the money exchange paid off for us too being able to use the Blue market. Moving the decimal point back made things a lot better.

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