Day 37 Skelly Goes to Lock Up

Day 37 Chetumal/Calderitas

I divided my gear into two piles this morning. One pile is luggage for Belize and the other is staying with Skelly in Chetumal. I loaded the bike with the latter and prepared to ride the few blocks to where she’ll stay for the next 11 days. I knew where to find Charles’s place because he had given me an exact GPS location. I had also scouted the location when I arrived two days ago. I was there in a few minutes and was invited in for a cup of coffee. I met my host’s wife and friends of theirs who were visiting from Belize. We spent awhile visiting and I enjoyed a delicious piece of avocado fresh from the tree in the back yard. We moved Skelly into the back yard under cover and out of sight from the street. My gear was stowed inside the house and I locked everything up. I’m pretty confident it’s secure inside the fenced yard with two dogs on watch.

Tomorrow I catch a bus to Belize City and meet Wanitta at the airport. It’s going to be a long day for both of us but we are very excited to be having this little mini vacation. While in Belize I won’t be doing a daily update but perhaps I’ll get in a few posts over the next 11 days.

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5 Responses to Day 37 Skelly Goes to Lock Up

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Dave

    Enjoy your 11 days off and say Hello to Wanitta for us

    Sharon and I are in Calgary celebrating our 40th Wedding Anniversary Looks like you are living your dream Buddy.

    Take Care

    Curtis Johnson

    Wagonmaster – Retired and enjoying it.

  2. Sharon says:

    I’m going to miss my “Roomie”, but my loss is your gain for sure. She is always so cheerful and positive. Lovely to have her with me. She is excited beyond excited and we’ll be up in the wee hours tomorrow for the drive to the airport. Have a wonderful holiday together. xo

  3. Sjoerd says:

    Have a great vacation in Belize Dave and missus .
    Always fun reading somebody’ s report with first- time impressions and great memories established . Sure to cause return visits.

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