Day 63 Island Hopping

Day 63 October 25 Leon to Myogalpa

Last night I made an audible and changed my plan a bit. Instead of the beach today I decided to go to Ometepe Island. It’s the world’s only volcanic island in fresh water. Formed by 2 volcanoes, it looks like an hourglass from above. The island is home to many hostels and hotels catering to backpackers, hikers, and eco tourists.

First I had to get there. I fully expected nothing but good pavement today but the dual-sport gods smiled upon me. I was very surprised when the perfectly good highway turned to crap. And then it turned crappier. But on the DR it was a blast. From potholes and broken pavement to narrow one lane sections there was a bit of everything. It was hard packed most of the way but there was soft sections as well as some muddy areas to traverse.

Odd looking concrete structure at the entrance to a small town

I stopped to look at my GPS just to make sure it wasn’t leading me astray again but it was a legit highway. It turns out that there is also a highway to the north that also goes to Managua. Perhaps that’s the road most of the traffic takes because this road sure didn’t look like a major thoroughfare. Eventually the pavement improved and the fun dirt ended so once again I had to follow speed limits.

When I arrived at the ferry I learned that I had a two hour wait. To kill the time I found some lunch and a 1 litre Victoria Classic to sip on.

Loading the ferry was like fitting together a jigsaw puzzle. Onboard there was one large truck, 2 small cars, and a bus. Skelly got sandwiched between a car and the bus with the help of a worker the size of a sumo wrestler. He picked the back end up and swung it into place right up against the cars bumper. The bus pulled up so close I had no way out so I had to hold my breath and squeeze to get past the truck beside me.

Proper Moto tie down technique

Underway, the buses suspension flexed so much it almost touched my bike with every wave. And with each swell, the alarm of the little car let out a wail. VIDEO

The ride was windy and if up front quite wet until we were on the leeward side of the giant volcano.

A fun looking strip for all you pilots

After disembarking the ferry at Moyogalpa I quickly found the Hospadje Soma for $10 tonight.

Tomorrow I’ll ride around the island and then take the ferry back to the mainland with San Juan del Sur my destination.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We look forward to your (almost) daily updates. Have you sold the rights for the book and movie yet?

    Judy and Richard(Aunt,Uncle)

  2. Peter Marsh ....Wanitta's cousin ... says:

    Great stuff Dave.

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