Day 65 Beach Time

Day 65 October 27 San Juan Del Sur

Today was a lazy day hanging out in San Juan and swimming in the ocean.

I did have some work to do however to source an oil seal. I emailed a fellow that contacted me near the beginning of the trip. He lives in Costa Rica but heard about the trip when he was in St. Albert in August. Since Costa Rica is my next stop I asked if he could help. He has some good connections with moto repair shops both locally and in Florida. So worst case we get a seal shipped from the states and hopefully it takes a week. I can afford to stay in Costa Rica 10 days without stress so we’ll see how it goes. Maybe we can find one locally.

Some more photos from around San Juan.

No, I do not want to buy any sunglasses

Camera has a mind of it’s own

Rice with shrimp and of course cerveza

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3 Responses to Day 65 Beach Time

  1. Peter Marsh ....Wanitta's cousin ... says:

    Looks like a beautiful spot.

  2. G&H says:

    Wow, you need a bucket scroll rather than a bucket list to see all these incredible places! ¡Gracias por las photos maravillosas!

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