Day 94 Serendipity

Day 94 November 25 Rio Claro to Landazuri

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It was quite a day today. After attempting to wait out the rain we realized that we had to accept the fact that we were going to get wet. I decided to wear my rain coat over my expensive Klim jacket because the darn thing is not keeping my arms dry.
Right away Eran dropped his bike as he negotiated the tricky patio parking spot we had secured. Okay maybe this was a sign. We continued in the rain and stopped to see the front gate of Pablo Escobar’s old ranch (this may be a replica).

Soon the rain started to let up and I needed to remove the rain coat and open all my vents.

After an hour of high speed sunny riding we stopped for a coffee and a KLR pulled up. It was Mark from the Stahlratte! He was headed the opposite direction to Medellin but had just ridden the road we planned on taking. After getting a road report and a short visit we said so long and expect to meet again.

A wonderful twisty road awaited us. The odd gravel and mud break interrupted the brand new pavement.

There was one long stretch of muddy construction but it was no problem for the DR and the KLR until…
Eran’s rear tire went flat, in the mud and he has no center stand. Using rocks to prop up the bike we managed to remove the rear wheel. By this time we had an audience and a few helping hands.

The new tube went in after extracting the 4 inch nail from both sidewalls but the tire was leaking air. We loaded the wheel assembly onto my bike and I followed a young lad 5 km to a tire shop in a town called Landazuri. There a pro patched the tube that we had pinched and quickly re-installed the tire on a proper tire machine. The cost, 5000 pesos, about $3.00.

Why didn’t we just do this in the first place? By the time I returned with the wheel it was 5:15 so we quickly got the KLR back together. Just as darkness arrived we found a hotel in Landazuri for 30,000 pesos. This is a great little town with very friendly people. Serendipity.

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7 Responses to Day 94 Serendipity

  1. Sharon says:

    Serendipity is good!

  2. Linda Charest says:

    Flat tires and nails are such a big part of life south of the US border – they are very good at repairs aren’t they!! All sounds amazing in spite of the little challenges!! Love xox

  3. frank says:

    So… what you’re telling us is, this wasn’t the fabled… “3 minute tire change,” and you won’t be entering any ISDE’s anytime soon 🙂

  4. frank says:

    Looking at your pics again, is that a DL 650?

    You have to wonder why with the continued and growing popularity of “adventure touring” why we don’t see more tubeless off road wheel/tires.

    I don’t know if you’ve been following my blog, but I am in AZ again riding the desert trails and much of the time I don’t see any humans at all. My biggest concern is a flat as occurred two years ago on the Apache Trail.
    Fortunately (?!) that was while on pavement and I was lucky enough to meet Fred, a KLR rider that had a can of slime and a tire pump, that got me back to the outskirts of Phx.


  5. John Whidden says:

    Who is this Serendipity? Is she cute?

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