Day 95-97 Lovin’ the Roads of Colombia

Day 95 November 26 Ladazuri to La Gran Via

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View from the Hotel in Landazuri

Our cool hotel chandelier

and the prison cell room…

It was another great day of riding today. The roads here are all so good I decided that the phrase “top ten” is no longer a ranking but an adjective. There are just too many “top ten” roads to fit in 10 spaces.

Day 96 November 27 La Gran Via to Neiva

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Our hosts at the hotel in La Gran Via were very kind and really interested in our travels.


Day 97 November 28 Neiva to San Augustin

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We arrived in San Augustin and started looking for a hotel when a guy on a motorcycle pulls up beside me. He asks if we would like to stay at his house. He has hot water and private rooms for 20,000 each he says. I’m a little cautious at first but he shows me his business card and I see it’s a legit hostel. So we followed him up the steep cobblestone roads that turned to rutted dirt to his house, the Posada Japonese. It turned out to be a really nice little spot with a great view of the town and surrounding hills. We decided to stay for two nights so we could visit the statue park the next day. Breakfasts at this place were great too. Big fluffy pancakes covered in all kinds of sliced fruit.

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4 Responses to Day 95-97 Lovin’ the Roads of Colombia

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great stuff Dave. I am really enjoying getting the daily updates. I can’t believe how little traffic is on the roads. Keep it coming.

  2. Your trip is SO interesting – I look forward to reading about it each time. I’m going down to Buenos Aires for two weeks over Christmas and visit my son who’s studying there. We’ll rent a car so he can show me how beautiful it is around there (no cycling like you’re doing though!).

  3. Linda Charest says:

    Denny would be proud of your photography, Dave. Your compositions and subject choices look like they were done for a calendar or National Geo! Stunning scenery and interesting shots. Xox

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s been 37 years since we were last in Colombia ….loved the roads then as lots of times we were the only car on them as some were not “officially open”.

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