Day 75 & 76 Finally the Leak is Fixed

Day 75 & 76 November 6 &7 Jaco Costa Rica

I spent the morning cleaning all the paper gasket form the stator housing.

We had it all back together just after lunch but I wanted to let the silicone cure before attempting to run the engine. I spent the afternoon relaxing and Will showed me the marina near Jaco.

Later we went for tacos and watched Thor 2 at the local theatre.

Early on Thursday morning I took the bike for a test ride only to find oil leaking.

It wasn’t from the new gasket however. The leak was from the countershaft seal that had just been installed 6 days ago. Frustrating as hell but the good news was that the seal Will had ordered from Florida was waiting to be picked up. We had to wait for the importer to open but by 11am the new seal was in. The test ride was successful with no leaks.

Diego on guard

It was late enough in the day that a decision was made to stay one more night and leave tomorrow. This gave me some time to walk the beach a bit and enjoy the pool at my host’s house.

Thanks Will & Elena.

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  1. Linda & Roger says:

    Doesn’t look like too tough a place to have to spend an extra day or night! Your bike looks shiny and new in those photos – you must have really cleaned up all that oil!

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