Mexico Remembered


Mexico Recap

After crossing into Mexico on September 1st I spent 29 days in Mexico. It has gone by so quickly and was wonderful. There is so much more of Mexico to see and I’ll be back for certain.
Here are some stats for my travel in Mexico (for you Vulcans out there)
Kilometers ridden: 5900km
Average km per day: 195km
Fuel used: 270 liters
Fuel consumption: 4.59l/100km
Fuel cost: $260 @ $0.95 per liter (All but one thankful using 87 Octane Magna)
Hotel costs: $656
Food (includes water and beer): $435
Total Cost (includes ferry, tire)(not including tourist visa, TVIP, bike insurance): $1960
Average cost per day: $67

Some thoughts

This is a large country. Taking the most direct route from Tecate, it is 4100km to where I am now. A month is certainly not enough time to see it all but I got a great glimpse of the place, the food and the people. Everyone I have met has been kind and helpful and at no time have I felt in danger or threatened. It is a country of contrast: dry desert to lush jungle; clean modern cities and littered broken down villages; poverty and wealth.

Two of the topics that went through my mind often as I rode along were litter and dogs. In some communities there is obvious pride in the cleanliness of the streets. In others piles of garbage lay in people’s front yards and beside their shops. Maybe I am naive but why can’t folks just take a few minutes and pick the junk up especially when it is right in front of you every day. Dogs are everywhere and many of them are strays. The look on their faces is so sad. They appear to be defeated, starving and tired. Many of them are sick and I saw countless dead on the road. The dogs that do have owners are ell care for. I expect these observations will continue as I push onward.

A few other things. Every morning I was awakened by the sounds of roosters and sweeping. People love their chickens and their brooms.
The orange juice is phenomenal. Fresh squeezed everywhere you go.
Topes (speedbumps) and pot holes keep you on your toes.
Somewhere in Mexico I lost my ipod nano and a good set of earbuds.

There is so much more to say about this place, hopefully my posts have done a reasonable job describing what I have seen.

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7 Responses to Mexico Remembered

  1. frank says:

    Hey Dave… people often criticize my travels in Baja (never been to the mainland) Dirty, dangerous, theft, corruption gang/drug wars etc etc etc ad nauseum. Of course these are the very same people that never set foot outside their limited comfort zone, and have never been there… as DrN I say, “there’s no substitute for cubic experience.”

    Keep on bikin’

  2. Moto-Mikey says:

    Great re-cap. I’m crossing into Mexico in less than 48 hours.. super excited! I plan on spending a month there before crossing into Belize and Guatemala.

  3. Bill Newton says:

    Incredible Dave. Your recce has changed a few assumptions I had about the place. Thank you and keep up the good work. Bill N.

  4. Brian says:

    Well said and done Dave
    Look forward to reading your posts every day on your amazing ride

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