New Years Eve 2013

December 30 & 31 2013

I’ve had enough airports for awhile. Today was a long haul but the trip home was worth it.
When I first floated the idea of coming home for Christmas the response was so positive that I knew it was the right call. In hindsight it was one of my better decisions of the trip. I admit I was reluctant to bring up the possibility because I didn’t want to break the adventure up. My wife and I already had a great little retreat in Belize and I figured it would be fun to spend the holidays in South America. It turned out that I was missing home more than I thought and seeing my wife, kids, family and friends was a wonderful Christmas gift.

I have managed to resupply a few things too. A set of new tires (I love the smell of new tires….in the morning) came back with me along with rear brake pads and a countershaft oil seal.

I also brought an air box cover screw, a few rubber grommets for my top case, a headlight bulb, and a vinyl patch for my saddle. Included in my supply run are fresh supply of fruit/veggie bars and some Captain Black cigars. In addition I brought some long johns and an extra warm layer back with me. At home I left all my Central America maps, a T-shirt I received from the Stahlratte, and a back up of all my images and video clips.
While I write this I’m waiting for a flight in Lima, looking forward to the next chapter. It begins tonight when I celebrate New Years with new friends and give my bike a great big hug!

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6 Responses to New Years Eve 2013

  1. frank says:

    All the Best in the New Year!

  2. It really was a wonderful visit!
    Now it’s only 8 more weeks until your buns are home for good…until your next adventure that is 😉

  3. The magic 8 ball says there is probably a good chance that will happen if you are a really good boy 😉

  4. G&H says:

    Awesome pic of you guys! 🙂 Dave, it was great to have you home! We had so many questions and comments about your adventures, we could easily have taken all of your down-time! Continued safe travels, and may the wind be at your back! 🙂

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