Day 77 No More Oil Leak

Day 77 November 8 Jaco to San Vito 270km

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The oil leak is definitely gone.

Of all the Central America countries, Costa Rica roads are in the best condition. There are virtually no random pot holes or washouts. And there are actually road signs akin to North American highways.

My pal CK is fighting breast cancer so I added a little pink to Skelly.

The trip from Jaco started early with a short segment along the coast. Then up into the mountains where I joined the Pan American highway at San Isidoro. Reaching the higher altitudes was a great reprieve from the heat.

What the?

The twisty roads are freshly paved and all but vacant of traffic. This was particularly true of the “unnamed road” the GPS turned me onto.

It was correct this time and lead me safely to San Vito by about 1pm. Then the rain began to fall so I settled in to the Rino Hotel for the afternoon and had a wee siesta.

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  1. Linda & Roger says:

    I guess the captain’s GPS wasn’t working so well either! Seems he also got onto an unnamed road!

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