Day 160 to 164
Rio Gallegos to Bahia Blanca
February 11 to 15

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It has been an uneventful 5 days and 2,000km. The roads are in great condition but absolutely straight as arrows. Some stretches take you more than 70km before the slightest curve. In the wind even a slight alteration in course changes the whole dynamics of the bike and you need to readjust the lean.

Puerto San Julian

Skelly has another birthday

Officially 30,000km today

I have seen numerous guanaco and rhea along the way, plenty of them road kill. So far I haven’t struck any of them dead or alive but they sure blend in with the landscape and can surprise you.

Oil is the big industry in these parts

Approaching Puerto Madryn

A Beach!

The kilometers keep piling on

Only 1000km to go

The barren Patagonia plateau has given way to some green and actual trees. Along with this has come the customary bug splatter on my visor. The temperatures have gradually been climbing to the point that all my layers have come off and I actually opened my jacket vents.

The wind however is still blowing and gusting like a champ but I re installed the helmet peak which helps with the morning sun.

Dozens of radio towers all over the country

Tomorrow I’ll ride about 660km from Bahia Blanca to Buenos Aires. This will make it easy to find Dakar Motos in the morning on monday so I can start the shipping process.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    8 more days!!! 😀

  2. frank says:

    Well……. I can see that your “Ship” has finally come in!

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