Rewalk at the U of A Unveiled

Today we had the opportunity to watch the ReWalk in use. What a thrill to see it in action!


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  1. Suraiya says:

    Dave, I just watched the Global News piece, and I just wanted to send my congratulations to you. It must have felt so huge to experience that moment; a true life moment. I felt it, too, and I’m just on the periphery! Hopefully, as you say, this will be just the beginning, and that much more will come of the U of A’s research with the ReWalk. Hooray!
    -Suraiya 🙂

  2. Kit and Teddy says:

    So happy to see all your efforts and the accompanying marathon ride have been rewarded. Quite an achievement Dave. Congratulations.

  3. So happy you and Wanita and your mom, brother and nephew could join us what a wonderful day. Never Say…”Never”

  4. Barry says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    That’s incredible.
    Way to go Dave! On your journey and the fund raising.

  6. Quentin says:

    So honoured to be able to join you and Wanita today. Many if my rehab colleagues believe that the exoskeleton will be a life changing technology for many stroke, brain injury and spinal cord injury patients. Amazing to think that your ride provided the push to bring it to Edmonton before any other place in Canada! Thanks bro.

  7. Scott Ranson says:

    I was happy to follow you on your drive south — mainly, I admit for the vicarious adventure. Seeing what you contributed to for the sake of this young man and others was stunning and heartening. ‘I’m quite tall,’ he says. So are you. Bravo!

  8. England says:

    To JOHN LOUISE AND YOUR GREAT TEAM sCITICS .Wonderful what you have all done Good luck for the future.

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