The ReWalk is Here!!

I’m really excited and proud to say that the University of Alberta has been training some users with the new ReWalk for a couple of months. Now they are ready to present it to the public with a media event on September 16th.
Thanks again to all of you for following me and supporting the cause. With your help we achieved our goal!

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4 Responses to The ReWalk is Here!!

  1. Lance h says:

    I just watched the video from March 27, 2013 showing it in use – amazing technology. I started reading the blog again – it’s more relaxing now, when we all know that you weren’t going to be kidnapped by Shining Path terrorists, or waylaid by bandits. Well done!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations, Dave! You not only achieved your own personal goal, but with the funds you raised, the goal-reaching will continue! Brenda and Bill

  3. G&H says:

    We’re so proud to be associated with such a noble cause and with an accomplished fundraiser!

  4. Barry says:

    What an amazing achievement! We’re all so very proud of you. All for a worthy cause. Good job Dave!! Barry

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