Stahlratte Voyage – Crossing the Darien Gap

Day 84-87 November 15-18 Stahlratte Voyage

Some more photos of the Kuna Island

The next morning the ship motored for about 3 hours to a small group of islands called Coco Banderas. These three islands are part of the San Blas Archipelago which has 365 islands. Of these 365, 40 are occupied by the Kuna people who have semi autonomous control over the area. Each island has its own laws but together they form a strong community with a unique culture from the rest of Panama.

Coco Banderas is like a photograph from your imagination of white sand deserted islands with palm trees leaning over the surf. The first thing we all did was jump into the ocean and swim to the closest island. Later the rope swing came out along with the snorkel gear. While we were playing the crew was setting up a beach BBQ which lasted well into the night.

I always look so serious, but really I’m having a great time!!

We spent another full day at the islands and had a delicious lobster feast. At 5am the next morning the ship started the long open water crossing to Colombia. A number of people were seasick during the rough crossing but I managed to avoid being ill by taking regular doses of Gravol. The trade winds were blowing strong from the south so the going was slow. The ship had the sails up to help steady the rocking motion but still the crossing was one of the rougher ones.

We arrived in Cartagena 33 hours later and went to immigration to get our passports stamped.

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4 Responses to Stahlratte Voyage – Crossing the Darien Gap

  1. That’s like me…’I’m not angry. It’s just my concentration face”
    More amazing photos!
    I just love the one of the ladies. This is why I have such a passion for Central & South American textiles. Such rich colors and interesting patterns.
    Love you lots <3 🙂

    • Dave says:

      The sad part about those photos is that the island was in mourning for an old fellow that passed while we were there. I would have taken more photos but out of respect I stopped.

  2. Curtis and Sharon says:

    Hey Dave – it appears you are enjoying your journey how is your fund raising coming along? Have you hit target?

    • Dave says:

      Thanks Curtis. We hit our first target before I left Edmonton. If you click the link for “the cause” there is a progress bar on that page.

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