Stats Wrap Up

Stats wrap up

Well here is the final tally for all the stats of the trip. This is not very scientific but I’d say it’s about 95% accurate. There a certainly plenty of things I forgot to document or have the amounts wrong.

I tried to keep track as closely as I could.

A few notes:
I am using $ CAD
The expenses for my Belize break are not included
The Christmas break expenses are not included
Stahlratte not included $950 USD
Air fare and shipping home not included $1500 air fare $1800 shipping

Final trip distance 32,089km

Oil changes: 4

#1 San Cristobal Mexico @ 8,200km
#2 Jaco Costa Rica @ 4,300km
#3 Hanuco Peru @ 6,820km
#4 Coyhaique Chile @ 8,167km

Tires: 2 front tires and 3 rear tires

First set of tires were Mitas E07 NON DAKAR. The rear Mitas was removed in Costa Rica at 12,500km and replaced with a Kenda K761

The Kenda Rear and the Mitas front were replaced in Peru. The front had 20,000km and the rear 7,600km. The new front was a Continental TKC80 and the new rear a Hiedenau Scout K60

By the end of the trip the Hiedenau is ready to be replaced with about 12,000km but the front has some life left in it albiet with lots of cupping.

Replaced parts:

1 set of front brake pads
1 set of rear brake pads
2 Countershaft seals. First replacement faulty
1 set of rear wheel bearings
1 Rear tube. Only one flat the whole trip.
1 rubber spacer for GIVI trunk

Lost stuff:

Hockey puck for side stand lost at Lake Tahoe
Acerbis hand guard bolts x 2
Bicycle led tail light
1 small pad lock
Side panel rubber spacer
Ipod nano and earbuds

Fuel used: 1,509 liters
Fuel cost: $1,859
Fuel per liter $1.21
Fuel per day $11.41
Fuel cost per km $0.0589
Consumption 4.781 liters/100km

Daily average distance 194km


Total $3,229
per day $19.81

Food includes booze
Total $2,250
per day $13.80

Total $516
per day $3.17

per day $0.55

Park fees
Total $206
per day $1.37

Total $211
per day $1.3

Total $24
per day $0.15

Vehicle import fees/customs fees/insurance
Total $584
per day $3.58

Misc/personal supplies
Total $369
per day $2.26

Bike Maintenance
Total $425
per day $2.61

Total $9,800
per day $59.58
cost per km $0.31

U.S.A. and Canada

8 days
Total $787
Daily $98.38


30 days
Total $2,077
Daily $69.23


12 days
Total $729
Daily $60.77

El Salvador

3 days
Total $379
Daily $126.44


4 days
Total $214
Daily $53.43

Costa Rica

12 days
Total $719
Daily $59.94


7 days
Total $721
Daily $45.84


14 days
Total $576
Daily $41.14


7 days
Total $230
Daily $32.91


17 days
Total $950
Daily $55.89


6 days
Total $260
Daily $43.34


8 days
Total $499
Daily $62.34


27 days
Total $1,777
Daily $65.83

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  1. John Whidden says:

    One flat – amazing! Great to have you back… looking forward to sharing a beer. 🙂

  2. HFB says:

    Thanks for this.

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