Day 64 Dave vs. the Volcano

Day 64 October 26 Isla Ometepe to San Jaun Del Sur

The rain, not roosters woke me this morning. This entire trip I have not started a day in the rain (I think) so I was not impressed. It stopped coming down at about 6:30 so I quickly loaded up and headed out.

My room mate

The exit from the hostal is a medium uphill grade with two concrete strips for vehicle tires to roll on. It is steep enough that the bike would not stay put in neutral while I opened the steel gate. In order to go through the gate I needed to ride off the little ramp and over some paving stones that are covered in wet moss. Guess where this is leading…yes, I dropped the bike. First time the whole trip! However I managed to pick it up without unloading anything. I’m glad I didn’t bring the V-Strom.

I headed out northbound to circumnavigate the big volcano. The paving stone road ended and turned to dirt which lasted across the entire northern side of the island.

I reached paving stone again at Altrgracia. It was a great little ride but the clouds covered virtually the entire volcano most of the trip.

The road crosses the airport runway

By 8:30 I was back in Myogalpa having a breakfast of granola and yogurt.

I approached the boat docks to a extremely loud drum and brass band. Trying to get information when you can’t speak the language or even hear is great fun. I finally figured out that I was to pay on board the boat and it was leaving right now so get your butt in gear. First I had to pay a 10 Cordoba tax (about 30 cents). This ferry had only one car and another bike plus some foot passengers so no stress about the tight squeeze this time.

The crossing was calm and relaxing.

Ferry No. 3

I recalled seeing a car wash yesterday so I began searching for it. The bike has developed an oil leak so I wanted to clean all the grime away so I could see where it is coming from. The lad at the wash did a great job and Skelly is gleaming once again. Later in the day I determined the leak is from the counter shaft seal. This is a common DR650 leak so before I left I installed a seal retainer to prevent a blow out but I did not pack a spare seal (more on that later).

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The ride from Rivas to San Juan is really short so I was in town by noon. I decided to ride north of town to check out a waypoint I had saved called the Castaway. Unfortunately I turned around because the road was getting sloppy and the weather these days is quite rainy.

I did not want to get stuck out there so I tried south of the town to check out another waypoint called Lugz Place.

Good thing I got the bike washed today!

I couldn’t find it so again turned around and eventually found a hostal with great secure parking , wifi, and A/C for $25/night.

Panorama photo, click to see full size image

Two German riders on BMWs arrived shortly after me and we compared border crossing stories. It’s nice to talk to someone who has also had the same troubles.
After inspecting the oil leak I researched the part number and sent out a few inquiries. We’ll see what comes up tomorrow.

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